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Aqua Blast Power Wash is located in Rochester, NY and has been servicing the Greater Rochester and surrounding areas for over 20 years!
About Us
Family Owned & Operated
In business for over 20 years, Bob Ford is a hands-on owner who is fully licensed and insured. Aqua Blast specialized in all types of high pressure washing on various surfaces using only biodegradable chemicals, while maintaining the highest of standards to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

We are the Power Washing Experts. It's what we do.

A dirty, stained exterior can do more than just leave your property looking dingy. In some cases, leftover muck and grime can cause outdoor structures like decks and patios to deteriorate more rapidly over time. If your property’s outside can use a good cleaning, turn to Aqua Blast Power Wash. 

As an established pressure washing service in Rochester, our goal is to get your outdoor space looking fresh and clear of debris, and we have the tools and experience necessary to make that happen. ​​
Aqua Blast Power Wash provides commercial and industrial cleaning services for businesses using state-of-the-art pressure washing to solve the most difficult cleaning problems. Our cleaning process is safe, effective, and environmentally safe.

We provide services for shopping malls, parking garages, gas stations, industrial parks, condominiums, residential homes, public pools, warehouses, roofing, and many others. 
Painting & Staining
If you have a deck or piece of woodwork on your property that’s looking a little dull, spruce it up with a new coat of stain from Aqua Blast Power Wash.

At Aqua Blast Power Wash, we're a full service painting company that offers staining for all those beautiful wood pieces. Wood work requires special attention and care that maximizes the beauty of the grain without damaging the wood. Aqua Blast Power Wash will stain your deck, fence, floor or furnishings; revitalizing and beautifying those old pieces.
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